A Guide To Exploring France Through 5 Major Wine Varieties

Whether you're a wine lover or interested in France, you can't separate these two elements. Wines and France are synonymous for a reason. Steeped in history and culture, French wine can be served with nearly any kind of meal and plays a part in almost all of its history. To help you understand both better, here's a guide to the major wine regions of France and what they mean for you.

Caterers: Class Up The Veggie Side With These Recipes For A Crowd

When you cater a party, you often include a vegetable side dish in the meal. Often times, party guests tend to skirt this veggie side dish, leaving it in favor for the more delicious dishes. This does not have to be the case! There are plenty of ways to make the veggie side dish as delicious as the other dishes on the menu. Here are two ideas. Roasted Root Veggies With Fresh Herbs

5 Surprising Ways To Use Pumpkin Spice In Everyday Meals

If you think pumpkin spice is limited to the fall and winter seasons, then you are in for a surprising treat. Pumpkin spice is a rich, bold flavoring that can be added to a variety of everyday meals so you can enjoy the aroma and taste anytime you wish. Here are 5 surprising ways you can use pumpkin spice whenever you wish. Sweet breads If you love sweet banana or nut breads, then pumpkin spice is a welcome addition to these foods you enjoy for breakfast or as a snack every day.

6 Convenient And Tasty Flatbread Delights

While most flatbreads are unleavened, some, like pita bread, do incorporate a small amount of yeast in their recipe. Regardless of what type of flatbread you choose, they are the perfect vehicle for sandwiches that aren't boring and just right personal-sized pizzas. Here are six quick and easy mouthwatering suggestions for you to try. Open-Faced Smoked Salmon Spread a thin layer of cream cheese with chives on your flatbread. Then top with slices of vibrant lox, paper thin radishes slices, and sprinkle with capers and fresh chopped dill.