Tips For Making A Better Cup Of Colombian Coffee

Even bad coffee can be a welcome sight, but why not make it better? There are lots of small things that you can do that make a big difference in how the coffee that you make yourself tastes. The first thing is to start with good Colombian coffee beans. Arabica beans are the main type of bean grown in Colombia, though they are milder than what you might find elsewhere in the world due to Colombia's unique growing conditions. The result is a smooth, fruity-tasting cup of coffee.

Try these tips when using your Colombian coffee beans to make coffee.

Find your Grind

Buying beans makes more sense than purchasing pre-ground Colombian. They are fresher, and you have more versatility when you grind your own. The finer the grind, the stronger the coffee but make sure that you don't grind too fine for your coffee maker to handle, as some may clog. When using a French press or espresso machine, a fine grind is best; invest in a simple coffee grinder that is dedicated to use with your Colombian beans.

Store Beans Properly

You should store your Colombian coffee in a cool, dry place. The refrigerator is a fine place to store coffee beans, but do not put them in the freezer. The moisture from the freezer can alter and deteriorate your coffee. Also, only grind what you will immediately use for the freshest, best cup of coffee.

Filter the Water  

Since you want to preserve the delicate, citrusy flavor of Colombian beans, make sure to filter your tap water before you use it to make coffee. This gets rid of any foul odors, hard minerals, or contaminants that could lurk in municipal water supplies, as that could change the flavor of your coffee.

Use a Paper Filter

It is estimated that over 40% of coffee drinkers in the US use an auto-drip coffee maker, which requires a filter or filter basket to brew. Some paper filters are bleached, which could impact the flavor. Use a fresh, unbleached paper filter each time, and run water through the filter first before you make coffee. Pre-wetting the filter removes odors, extracts better, and sticks to the sides of the filter basket, creating a tighter seal and better brew.

Another popular way to brew Colombian coffee is to grind the beans finely and use a French press. You are basically stirring the grounds into hot water, and then squeezing or pressing them to produce coffee. This eliminates the chance of the filter or machine affecting the flavor of your coffee.

Stir the Pot

Colombian beans are considered medium-strength, and the coffee flavor may be most concentrated at the bottom of the pot when using an auto-drip type of coffee maker.  For this reason, gently stir the coffee in the pot before you pour it. The strength of the coffee is layered due to the brewing process, so stirring makes a more uniform and tasty result.

Buy bags of Colombian beans to grind yourself, either online or at your favorite specialty or grocery store. Use these tips to ensure your cup of Colombian coffee is the best it can be! For more information, contact a company like SF Bay Coffee.