Three Cuts Of Steak That Are Perfect For Sharing

While a lot of people enjoy eating an entire steak themselves when they visit a steakhouse, this isn't the only option. There are scenarios in which you may wish to split a steak with your dining companions. Some people enjoy doing so on special date nights; the idea of splitting a meal on Valentine's Day, for example, can be appealing. You may also think about splitting a steak if you're dining with a child or simply if you don't have a huge appetite at a particular time. While you should always check the restaurant's policy on splitting a meal — some establishments will charge a sharing fee — here are three steaks that are perfect for sharing.


There's arguably no better steak for sharing than the porterhouse, as it's virtually always the biggest cut of meat on any steakhouse menu. Porterhouse steaks are available in different sizes at different restaurants, but this is always a steak that will fill your plate. If eating this steak on your own is daunting, it's a good cut to share it with someone. A porterhouse essentially gives you two steaks in one — a strip steak on one side of the bone and a filet on the other — so you and your dining companion will have different options with each bite.


Another good steak to think about splitting is the flank steak. Unlike many other steaks that arrive whole at your table, the flank steak often arrives sliced — although its preparation can vary between steakhouses. It's common for flank steaks to be marinated and served with sauce drizzled on top. You'll often have your choice of sauce, and it can be fun to discuss your preferences with your dining partner. Because the steak will come sliced, it's easy to share because neither of you will need your knife. Instead, you can place the plate between you and remove slices with your fork.


You can easily eat a ribeye yourself if you have a big appetite, but because this steak is generally large, it can also be a good one for sharing. Steakhouses have ribeyes in several sizes. Instead of getting a smaller size that you can eat on your own, you might wish to order a bigger cut and share it. Known for their marbling and tenderness, ribeyes are popular for lots of people who enjoy eating steak.

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