The Wedding Of Your Dreams At A Fraction Of The Price: 3 Tips For Saving Big On Vegetarian Wedding Catering

Weddings are expensive. The average couple spends approximately $26,645 on their wedding. Your wedding should be exactly what you dreamed it would be, and you shouldn't have to make too large of a compromise for your guests. In particular, if you're a vegetarian because you morally object to eating meat, knowing that animals have been slaughtered to take part in your wedding might leave you heartbroken. Consider staying true to yourself and hiring a vegetarian wedding catering service instead. Vegetarian wedding catering services can be quite expensive. Here are 3 tips on how you can save.

Choose Hearty and Filling Sides and Snacks

The type of foods that you choose can make a world of a difference to your final wedding-catering service bill. Help your guests avoid the munchies throughout the ceremony and the reception by choosing hearty and filling sides and snacks. Vegetables that are rich in proteins tend to be quite filling and will satisfy hungry appetites. Choose snacks like hummus with pita chips, beans, potato-based snacks, and more to keep your guests from overeating.

Limit the Amount of Choices Available

It's fairly common for vegetarian couples to feel obligated to offer more dining choices to their guests in an attempt to ensure that everyone will have something that they are at least satisfied and happy with. While that's very considerate on your part, it'll really increase the cost of the catering service. Let your guests know that you'll be serving vegetarian dishes ahead of time, so that they can make necessary adjustments to their day. Then, limit the choices that are available to only one or two based on either cuisine type or the type of vegetable that is the focus of each entree.

Let the Chef Choose the Ingredients

You'd be surprised at just how expensive getting certain vegetables can be, especially if you have a large guest list. Try not to be too overconcerned with the type of vegetables that are used as ingredients. Instead, let the chef choose based on what's in season and what they can easily get from their suppliers. This might help you significantly lower the cost of the wedding catering service.


Stay true to your heart and principles by offering a vegetarian menu during your wedding. As your wedding is really all about you, your guests won't mind. After all, they're only there to celebrate the romance and love between you and your soon-to-be spouse. Just let your guests know of your plans and intentions ahead of time.

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