Ditch The Sour Old Coffee And Soda Machines For More Enjoyable Office Break Room Beverages

One way to make your employees more grateful for working at your company is to make the beverages in the break room more enjoyable. Instead of providing stale coffee that sits on the burner all day, cans of soda, and maybe a big plastic water dispenser, you should try some more interesting beverages. Here are four interesting beverages to stock up on that your employees will love.

Organic Bottled Juices

Some people don't particularly like caffeinated drinks, so soda, coffee, and tea (except for herbals) are out of the question. What you might like to do is supply bottles of single-serve organic juices. You can get fruit juices (orange, apple, grapefruit) as well as veggie juices (carrot, kale/apple mix, and others). You could also get some bottles that are smoothie style mixes with lots of different things such as bananas, spinach, and berries. Besides tasting great, they are also healthy, so your employees will appreciate that they get a healthy drink for their break.

Sparkling Mineral Water

You might also want to get a delivery of single serve bottles of mineral water. Some brands will even flavor their sparkling mineral water with lemon or orange rind. You might want to choose a variety pack that has plain as well as flavored options. In addition to sparkling mineral water, you might want to pick up flat mineral water for those who don't like bubbles in their drink, but want something a bit more than plain water.

Herbal Tea Pods or Packets

You should also have a selection of herbal teas available. This is great for employees who are not big fans of caffeinated drinks, but want something warm. You can get a variety pack that would have chamomile, lavender, fruit, and other non-caffeine flavors. Ideally you should have a pod style brewing machine because it's much more convenient than making a kettle of coffee each time. The pod machine can even be used with the exotic coffee you will be getting.

Organic and Fair Trade Coffee Pods

One of coolest things you can do is replace the basic coffee with organic and fair trade coffee pods. You can get a selection of different roasts and flavors. So instead of only offering a big pot of medium roast, you can offer anything from vanilla flavored, hazelnut flavored, as well as dark roast single source Dominican or Ghana beans. The organic and fair trade designation will be a plus for those employees who are both health conscious and concerned about the treatment of coffee bean farmers around the globe.

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