Store Your K-Cups with Great Taste in Mind

What's more convenient than having a Keurig? In the world of coffee, probably nothing. With an at-home brewing station you can simply toss your k-cup in your machine and watch your freshly brewed coffee pour out. While the machine does the work, the quality of the coffee has a lot to do with the actual k-cup. Make sure you're storing your cups with high quality in mind.

An Agitation-Free Zone

Always store your k-cups in an agitation-free zone. In simple terms, don't store the cups in an area where they will be frequently moved or at an increased risk of getting punctured.

If you're storing your cups on one those fancy storage carousels, bad locations would include the edge of the counter or any area near a food-preparation space, such as near a cutting board. In either of these locations, the k-cups could get punctured. Once there is a hole in the cup, unless you are using it immediately, it will lose its flavor and quality rapidly.

Keep It Dry

Even though the k-cups are sealed, this does not completely safeguard them from moisture issues. If you store your cups in an area with high moisture, when you go to brew a cup, it may taste sour, and if it's not sour, it may still have lost much of its flavor.

Storing your cups near a heat-producing appliance, such as a refrigerator or the oven, is a bad idea. As the temperature near these heat-producing appliances increases, this can cause the cups to sweat, allowing moisture to build up inside. Avoid this issue by keeping the cups in a dark space that doesn't experience many temperature fluctuations.

Less Is More

For this last tip, rely on the mantra that less is more. Resist the urge to purchase a six-month supply of coffee at one time. Although coffee lasts for a long time, all coffee, even k-cups, have a shelf life. Keep in mind that when you purchase large amounts of coffee at one time, you're basically buying from the same batch.

The coffee might be fresh today, but this may not be the case six months from now. It's much better to purchase your coffee in smaller portions so that you're always getting a selection from a fresher batch. That's not to say you can't stock up; just don't go overboard.

Keep your k-cups fresh and delicious by storing them properly.