Learning To Love Chinese Food

If you haven't tried Chinese food or are afraid to try, you might feel left out when friends go to the Chinese buffet without you. Sadly, you're also missing out on some unique and delicious meals. That's why you should learn how to love Chinese food following this simple guide.

Try Out Some Great "Starter" Dishes

Getting used to the unique taste of Chinese food often requires trying out some easier dishes. For example, many people try out crab rangoons first and find they love them. This dish is simply a bit of deep fried dough wrapped around some cream cheese with varying amounts of real or artificial crab. The amount of crab in each depends on individual restaurants.

Another simple "starter" dish is sesame chicken. This dish smothers fried chicken with a sesame sauce that is topped with real sesame seeds. Typically, it comes with rice and a few simple vegetables, but nothing too unusual. Many people end their love of Chinese food here, which is unfortunate, as there's a wide range of food available at your Chinese buffet.

Expand To More "Difficult" Dishes

After you've gotten into some simpler starter dishes, try out something more complex, like sushi. While not strictly a Chinese item, it is often included in many Chinese buffets and comes in multiple varieties. Not all sushi is raw fish, but is often filled with rice, peas, and other delicious items all wrapped up into one small, bite-sized dish.

Now you can move on to a dish like chow mein, which is stir-fried noodles mixed with vegetables and meat. This dish rarely includes any kind of thick sauce, making it a little dry for many people. However, its great combination of ingredients makes it delicious.

Moving On To More "Traditional" Dishes

Many of the dishes mentioned above are slightly tweaked versions of traditional Chinese dishes that have been Americanized to make them more palpable. However, many Chinese buffets will include more traditional dishes that are delicious, but often challenging to newcomers. A few of these dishes include:

  • Spinach noodles
  • Fried mashi
  • Liang cai (cold vegetables, tofu, and peanuts)
  • Stinky tofu
  • Mutton stew
  • Sweet and sour eggplant

Try out whatever dish sounds appealing to you and slowly expand to other delicious traditional Chinese meals. You'll quickly find yourself enjoying a whole new world of food that had been waiting for you for years.

Getting used to Chinese food is probably best accomplished at a high-quality Chinese buffet. It gives you access to multiple types of food at a low price. In this way, you can experiment with different foods, discard ones you aren't ready for yet, and still fill up on other foods you do like. For more information, contact local professionals like Lilac Blossom Restaurant.