The Benefits of Increasing Probiotics and Reducing Sugar in All of Your Recipes

It is a well-known fact that a reduction in sugar in your diet can help prevent diabetes and obesity. However, adding more probiotics to your diet at the same time you reduce sugar can be beneficial too. You can even add probiotics to all of your favorite recipes, including birthday cake. Here are some of the benefits of increasing probiotics and reducing sugar in all of your recipes.

Probiotics Are Linked to a Decrease in Sugar Cravings

If you use probiotics sugar as a sugar substitute, not only are you getting the full health benefits of probiotics, but you are also replacing sugar in everything you eat. Since probiotics are linked to a decrease in sugar cravings, a combo of probiotic powder and sugar substitute does double duty. You can find probiotics sugar for sale in many health food and specialty stores or online at retailers like Sugar 2.0.

Probiotics Restore Good Bacteria to Your Colon

Probiotics are directly linked to a healthy colon and intestines. They restore and balance the good bacteria found in these areas of the digestive tract. While most people consume yogurt to get probiotics, not everyone can consume dairy products. Many yogurt brands also contain sugar or sugar substitutes that increase sugar cravings, thereby making yogurt a not-so-good choice for people with lactose intolerance and diabetes. That is just one more reason for using probiotics sugar in your coffee, cereal, fruit, and even in your recipes for desserts.

Probiotics Could Help Kids with Autism

A few studies that link behavioral problems in children with autism to bad bacteria and too much sugar in the gut suggest that reducing sugar, reducing carbohydrates, and increasing probiotics might have an impact on these behavioral problems. While a reduction in sugar in any child's diet is certain to reduce behavioral problems, the link between decreased behavioral issues in kids with autism and an increased intake in probiotics and fiber is compelling. If you have a child with some severe behavioral issues, you might try the probiotics sugar substitute, which also contains fiber. Anything is worth the attempt, especially if it makes your child's diet a healthier one.

If you absolutely want to make sure you are making a good and healthy change in your diet, consult with a dietitian and/or your doctor first. They have direct links to medical information that supports the use of probiotics in your diet. They can also tell you if using this sugar substitute is a healthy choice for you.