3 Reasons To Consider An Induction Cooktop For Your Restaurant

One of the most popular options for restaurant kitchens is a gas cooktop. Although natural gas has some advantages, such as the overall lower operating costs than electric, there are other options you should consider. If you are thinking about replacing your cooktop, there are reasons to switch to induction cooking.


Although natural gas is relatively safe, it is not as safe as induction cooking for several reasons. The most important is you do not have to be concerned about gas leaks, especially if you are located in areas with a history of significant geological or bad weather events. Even if your restaurant is located in an area that is prone to flooding, gas is not ideal. Earthquakes, flash flooding, and tropical systems all pose the risk of rupturing gas lines. The open flame associated with gas cooking surfaces also increases the risk of fire. Since you and your chefs likely work with oil and grease, it is too easy for any of these to come into contact with a burner flame. Induction cooking eliminates the risk of a gas leak and reduces your fire risk.


Gas cooking surfaces can be difficult to clean. It is best to use natural products to clean gas cooking surfaces, because these products are usually non-flammable, but they may not work as well. Cleaning a gas cooking surface may require extinguishing the pilot and burner lights and stopping the flow of gas to the equipment to err on the side of caution. Induction cooking makes cleaning easier. Only the cookware is heated by the cooktop, so any spills that occur around the cooking surface will not cause food to burn and stick to the surface. You just simply wipe spills away or use a small amount of dish soap for cleanup.


Since only the cookware is heated, this also makes induction cooking a more efficient method of cooking food. With gas equipment, the lit pilot light wastes unnecessary heat energy day and night. Both gas and electric disburse significant amounts of heat that is not used for cooking. By using induction cooking methods, less of the energy used will go to heating up your kitchen. This will also affect energy use throughout your restaurant. You do not have to use the air conditioning as much to compensate for the increased temperature. Additionally, any refrigeration units located nearby do not have to work as hard when the temperature increases.

When you are considering ways to save money and upgrade your current restaurant kitchen, start by replacing cooking surfaces. Induction cooking is one way to improve the safety and efficiency of your kitchen. For more information, contact local professionals like Louis Wohl & Sons Inc.